The summer of me

People keep asking what the “summer of me” involves. So I thought it easier to explain in a journal.

I’ll start at the beginning of my journey. Basically I’ve spent the last few years unsure of what I wanted relationship wise. I tried several different things with no satisfaction or happiness. I think lack of self actualization and dealing with past failures kept me from being true to what I wanted or realizing it. I had to accept it was ok for me to want a relationship and it doesn’t make me any less “miss independent” to want one or want someone to fall in love with. I also had to let go of and forgive past failures and men in my life who hurt me. So there is the first part of the summer of me. I explored what I wanted, accepted it was ok, and am now looking for it.

Next, I’ve been in school for 4 years now, 2 of which were full time all while working. I had very little time to be social much less take a relationship seriously. I really need to find myself again. Have some fun. (no fun doesn’t mean sex). I want to try new outdoor activities I’ve never done before, go new places, and really get out there and enjoy my life uninhibited by guilt of not studying for school.

So far I’ve been to the beach, been kayaking, and want to start yoga. After all I’m bringin sexy back this summer too. It’s only a few weeks into my summer of me, the first part of it was after all in my head. Now that I’ve passed the boards and no long have anything to study for, its time to find new exciting activities. I’m also focused on finding a job.  I’m flexible, so I’ll find something eventually.


This is Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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