Online dating

One guy I’m dating says it’s like ordering from a menu, you say what you want and they all come to you, like ordering fast food.. are you kidding? First of all, I didn’t come to him, he found me, messaged me, asked me out, and then drove to my neck of the woods to meet me. The comparison is hardly accurate. Although he likes to tell me of all the women he’s dating as well as me, I hear completely different stories from other men, such as it’s difficult to get a girl to go out with you from an online site. Where as “Brown” (lets call him that, some one will figure it out), says that he gets like 40 messages a day… 40? are you kidding me? I don’t get 40 new messages a day and I’m hot! When I was new, maybe like 20 a day, but never 40 or more, and his pictures on there aren’t that great, and his profile leaves a lot to be desired, so really? 40? Can we just say that someone is stretching the truth a bit to look more desirable? Ok… but he is a catch! Really! Owns a home, 2 cars, career is set, decent looking, kind to kids and animals, wants to get married and have kids… so what’s the catch that you have to make up 40 women messaging you asking you out to get me to like you? Still working on this and will keep you all posted when I figure it out.

So back to “Brown” and I’s relationship… or lack there of. Dude is starting to make me wonder why I bother. First date, I thought… “eh, maybe interested, he’s ok, but I’m just coming out of a bad breakup (a whole other blog, trust me, it’s coming), but I’ll go out with him again, he’s not bad”. Second date went better, I met him at his house, and he took me out to eat. He gets off work later than me, so it was easier that way for me to drive to him. Then last weekend he invited me to his house to go swimming… much more intimate, I had to think about it. So I agreed. Well, he was nervous, he drank too much beer, no food, got wasted. He was still sweet, we had fun in the pool, he drooled over me in a little string bikini, and I ordered us pizza on his credit card, and he pretty much fell asleep after that. Let me also state, I’ve said to him numerous times “I don’t have sex outside of a committed monogamous relationship, after the guy has deleted his dating profile”, he was fine with that… but still, he’s a man, so you know he tried.

He invited me back this week, so we’ve known each other 10 days now, I figure, we can hang out, we don’t have to go out all the time, plus he’s on vacation and has a pool, sweet! Pool time! Well… shame on me, had too much to drink. Yes, I’m hanging my head in shame now. After fooling around in the pool, I still resisted, it was getting dark and the water was cold, we went inside to get dried off and watch tv, hang out a little. WHY DO I DO STUPID SHIT WHEN I’M DRUNK???? I hate to admit this, but he made a comment about watching me change, and I let him… WHAT? I was druuunkk!  Big mistake. Next thing I know, we are on the couch goin at it. 10 minutes later he’s done, I’m sitting there now alone since he’s moved to his favorite chair, and we are watching tv while I try to sober up and figure out what just happened. We make a stupid bet about a tv show, he bet me a blow job… I lost, damn drunken betting is also a bad idea. So to prove he won, he got the phone and looked it up online to show me. 2 minutes later he’s still on it, I say let me see what you’re doing, and look and he’s on that frickin dating site! SERIOUSLY? We just had sex on your couch like 5 minutes ago! And don’t say you are looking at me, I can see the last time you visited my profile. What do you think I’m dumb… I see the girl below my message. And she’s UGLY… yes, I’m getting mad just recalling this. And here is why…

He asked me why I’ve never cooked for him if I’m a good cook, well he’s never been to my house. So I said, I will. Asked when he was free, I knew the next day he was busy, he said he was spending the day with his mom, so cool, I ask about the next day and I get a weird “uuuuhhh, I’m busy, how about Friday?” response. Busy? date with the ugly girl much? For 2 days I haven’t heard from him, I emailed him to say the other night was too soon and bothered me a little and to get his thoughts on it, all I got was “no, it’s fine”, now not a word until this afternoon when I had to ask what he likes so I could grocery shop if I was going to cook for him tomorrow night. He says he’ll eat anything and can’t wait for tomorrow. ooooook…. I’m so confused. I know men don’t always like to communicate via phone, text, email, or hell at all… but seriously, you fuck me when I’m drunk, you owe me something!

So… the point of all this… I have a date with someone else tonight! HA! Same night I’m positive he’s goin out with ugly girl that I saw on his messages. I know, it’s a bit immature to do that, but I’m not going to sleep with Brown again, not until we are committed and monogamous and not online anymore, if that even happens. And we aren’t exclusive. He’s going out with someone else, I do have a lot of guys ask me out every week and I have turned them down for 11 days, well, not this week! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander right? I’m a frickin catch, any guy would be lucky to have me as his girlfriend, so it’s his loss if he screws it all up. I’ll keep everyone posted on the date tonight… later.


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