“Dial down the crazy please”

is this what a crazy dial looks like?

Never, ever, ever say these words to a woman! Because in effect, you will have just turned the crazy up to a whole new level. Hell, after that was said last night, I had passed crazy 2 exits ago! So the jerk I WAS dating for a few weeks, Brown, left his sunglasses at my house last Friday night. We were supposed to do something Monday and I’d give them back to him, but he stood me up, and I haven’t heard from him. I decided they were either going to be trashed or he needs to reclaim them, but I’m not going to sit there staring at them every day while he decides if he still wants to see me or not, I’m not that desperate. So I ask via text, if he wants me to just trash them or what since he’s pulling the disappearing act on me. He has the audacity to LIE to me and say he’s just been working late and no. I told him I can get them to him thru mutual work contacts, it’s no big deal, he doesn’t have to see me if he wants them. He told me then to “dial down the crazy”… are you kidding me? Oh it was ON! The rest of the conversation went exactly as follows…. with my comments to explain a few things….

Me: “I’m not being crazy, thanks… I don’t like games”

He is soooooooo playing a game

Him: “I’m not a game player either, I have been getting off late and then eating and sleeping, I’m tired”

*coughbullshitcough* He was on okcupid ALL day yesterday at work via his phone and Monday night until 1:30 a.m. can we say LIAR? he can get on okcupid all day but can’t send me a text? gee… wonder why I’m pissed?

Me: “omg, really? You want to go there? Ooook… It’s really not necessary. I just wouldn’t want someone to throw my stuff away. But u want to go there? Lets go!”

Without telling him I know he’s lying, I’m saying “I know you are lying”, but he continues the games, so… let’s do this

Him: “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Really? do we have to play it this way? he knows what I’m talking about

Me: “I was trying to be nice n give ur sunglasses back… but u called me crazy, now I’m pissed”

Me: “I’m not ur ex, don’t treat me like the village crazy! Ur just mad cuz ur bein a jerk and I caught u. this is so highschool”

Alright, I’ll be direct, I tell him why I’m pissed, duh! I’m not playing this game, as a matter of a fact, I have nothing left to lose at this point, so I call it like I see it. Plus, my ex use to say the “this is so highschool” thing to me when we’d fight and it always made me feel horrible, I’ve been dying to use it on someone else and see how effective it is.

Him: “Sorry.”

ok, is this sarcastic? or is this an apology?

Me: “sorry for what? I think u at least owe me and explanation as to what u r apologizing for…”

Him: “because ur mad, sorry”

so, I still can’t tell, he’s not man enough to actually pick up the phone or come over, and he’s on okcupid right now chatting it up with some innocent chump about to become his next victim. But, I’m over it, he can either grow a pair or I’m done.

Me: “So ur sorry bc I’m mad? Not bc of ur behavior that made me mad? If u want to take this off the highschool level u know my number. Feel free to man up”

I gotta tell ya, tonight, it’s smashy smashy trashy trashy night for those stupid sunglasses. He never replied to my last message, and I’m ok with that. I said what I had to say, I had nothing left to lose, he was already one foot out the door, might as well be honest and call him out on his childish behavior.

What I think I’m so surprised at is that I’ve been a practicing cougar for most of this year, most guys I date are at least 8 years younger than me, so when they behave like this, I’m not surprised. But this guy is the exact same age as me! And by exact, we share the same birthday. There is no excuse for this behavior except that maybe it has nothing to do with age, but has more to do with the dangley stuff between men’s legs. I am just so.fed.up. at this point. Come on guys, maybe if you took a little time to look at your own behavior you might have a little insight as to our reactions and not feel the need to label us all “crazy”. Hence my blog name, how do you think I got bat shit crazy? Men like this. Men that lie, cheat, steal, manipulate… then call me crazy because I know what they are doing and call them on it. Your right, I didn’t just catch you in bed with someone else, I’m seeing things, that’s right, I’m crazy, keep denying… Well no more ms. nice nurse, my inner bitch is out and not putting up with this anymore.

4 Responses to ““Dial down the crazy please””

  1. July 28, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Ahhhhh…girl, I *so* feel you on this one…and am so glad I stumbled across your blog!! This is just oh-too-common these days! Ever notice how nearly every guy refers to girls/his ex/most females in general as “crazy”?! And it’s typically precisely when we decide to call them out on some kind of BS!! WTF? We would be “crazy” NOT to call em out on that crap…but it seems to have become a catch-all phrase to describe ANY woman who doesn’t take a guys’ bullsh*t…hell, they clearly don’t even know what “crazy” means….Crazy is Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, NOT saying, “Hey, you’re kinda full of crap, aren’t ya pal?!” I’m so sick of hearing every guy use this word to describe EVERY woman they know from their past….Irritating…ughh!

    • July 28, 2010 at 5:16 pm

      I think when he finally does call, they always come crawling back, I’ll tell him “oops, you see I have all these hammers just laying around the house, and one of them fell on your sunglasses…. twenty.seven.times. my bad o_O”

      I should have known as soon as he said his ex of the last 5 years had “daddy issues”, it was just another way for him to call her crazy, and if that is his scapegoat, what he says to excuse his behavior, he’s not a very self actualized man. I have no time for that. And the next guy that comes along that says his ex was crazy I’m going to ask her diagnosis and what hospital she was in for treatment, if he replies “none”, I’m then going to ask what he did to make her react in a way that he deemed “crazy”. I figure that will shut the bastard up.

      I’m tired of it men… unless we REALLY are crazy, as in schizophrenic, bi-polar, major depression, borderline personality, or OCD… knock off the armchair psychology and know the difference between pissed and crazy. You want to see crazy let me take you to the VA hospital, then you will see what a blessing it is to have a sane wonderful girlfriend like me. /rant

  2. July 28, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    YES!… The question, “Oh…Really? That’s truly unfortunate? What was her diagnosis (and did she have that illness *prior* to dating you? ) ..and GOSH Mr. Politically Correct, do you refer to mentally challenged children as “retards” too? How utterly charming!!”
    LOVE it!! I may invest in a few xtra hammers to keep round the house n just hold one in my hand when a date shows up….and then randomly say, “Hmmmmm….Now WHAT was I smashing just b4 you arrived…?”

    • July 28, 2010 at 7:30 pm

      Oh, there will be pictures and a blog to follow of each smash of the glasses…. have no fear! I don’t know why he wants them so bad either, they are like two dollar junk glasses I think. The guy makes PLENTY of money, has 2 very nice cars, and wears crap ass plastic junk glasses?
      And the next guy that comes to my house, yes, there will be hammers laying all over, just so they know not to leave anything smashable behind. humm….maybe I should lay matches and lighter fluid around too, so they don’t think to leave anything flammable either. o_O

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