The Movie That Moved Me

I think because we all wish in some small way, we would like to erase the past memories that hurt and haunt us. But in the end, the universe meant for us to have those memories, to learn something and grow. Sometimes people come into our lives and hurt us, but in this movie, when they both erased each other, they still were drawn back together. If you don't remember something, maybe you will be happy, but you are missing valuable life lessons.

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1 Response to “The Movie That Moved Me”

  1. August 3, 2010 at 4:28 am

    I ADORE this movie…. From falling truly deeply n madly in love (5 yrs ago) 4the first time in my life..I can honestly say the pain from losing that made me wish on stars every night that this could really happen…in fact, I’d still utilize it for that same reason today, if this becomes an option:-P Remembering some things is just too painful…
    I really think the point of it though for me(after a great deal of reflection on this movie)is that, what’s meant to be will be…and nothing we do could ever really prevent it. It (or something like it)will probably just happen in another space and time in our lives. If I could erase Mr. Love of my Life…I’d probably just go through the exact same thing we did again with him or with someone like him…it all has a purpose even when we can’t figure it out for ourselves… Another message I get is that if we could erase these things, we’d most likely just repeat them anyway because we couldn’t take the learning experience rfrom it…so how could we ever stop ourselves from doing the same thing again…? (Again tho..there’s still one instance which I’d risk that drawback just to erase the pain, however futile it might be overall)
    Terrific, thought-provoking movie and a great hopeful fantasy for those suffering from a horrendous broken heart…

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