This could only happen to me

I got my paper nursing license finally in the mail yesterday, I was so excited, I didn’t really look at it for a few minutes, just waved it around. Then I looked… what the…. ? Did they put the wrong middle initial? They did! CRAP!

So I call the nursing board today, I get passed from person to person, finally a lady says it doesn’t really matter because employers verify my license through their website anyway, and it’s correct there. The only people who would see the certificate would be people who came to my office. As my middle initial being totally different from my degrees wouldn’t be noticeable or bring up questions. Clearly the lady on the phone was not an RN who didn’t understand the importance of that little piece of paper to me.

So she transferred me to someone who doesn’t answer their phone. I can tell this will be fun. My mom keeps saying “well, you are dealing with the state.” I keep trying to tell her the nursing board is not “the state”. Each state has a nursing board, but they are not a government office. There is no excuse for this. Someone even put their seal on it and never compared to see that it was incorrect. I’m not a happy camper after that phone call.

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