boo hoo, cry me a river

kinda looks like him too!

I woke up to an email from Mr. NY today.  Remember Mr. NY? He likes to get drunk and want me back. He’s still living in NY, headed to Croatia, but says he’s coming back for me. boo hoo dude, cry me a river. Who wants to read it? Ok…

“I’m so stupid I should of never left *insert state* or ur side past few days its all I could think bout.   If uve ever heard loneststar.  Amazed. I heard it tnite n I dropped to my knees asking god y I’m even here.  I’m comin back after I’m finished payin respect to my grandfathers grave in Croatia”

Sent at like 2 something a.m. from his blackberry. What is he thinking with this? I have no intention of replying to said message. I almost think I should reply though with some needy clingy message, it might be the only way to keep him away, but it could backfire too. If I ignore it, it will probably just drive him to further communication, you know how guys like a chase. On the other hand, should I reply saying not to come back? I don’t want him to come back and start trying to win me back. I don’t want him in my life or to go down that road again.

All I can hope it’s it’s more bullshit, that he isn’t coming back here. Things he did can’t be forgiven. I’d never trust him again. I was stupid to trust him to begin with. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! is all i can think right now. I want some chocolate.

*Edit and update – I replied, it was mean, it felt good. He needs to know to leave me alone. I think this will do it.

“Stop *Mr. NY, stop lying to me, things have changed. I see things clearly now, you lied to me, a lot, about so many things that I won’t bother to list them now, and because you know what you lied about. I don’t doubt that you cared about me at some point, in some way, I think it’s why you lied about so many things, because you were scared I wouldn’t like you if I knew the real you, but when it turned to lies for manipulation reasons, I was done. I’ve changed *Mr. NY, I’m not the naive person you once met. I use to wish you would just be honest with me and I could know who you really were, that you would admit to all of the lies and apologize, that you would just pick up a phone and call me. I don’t wish for you to change anymore, this behavior is why your life is where it is right now. I don’t care to speculate on your reasons anymore. I think you are a coward, a liar, a manipulator, and not someone I want in my life. I don’t even care how mad this makes you because it’s all true, and I don’t want to hear it anymore. Goodbye Mr. NY. ”

*Mr. NY is substituted for his real name.

I think, hope, and yes, even pray, this will do it, that he will not reply, that he will leave me alone now. If he doesn’t, I won’t reply anymore. I’m actually really done. I hope he’s mad, I really hope he’s furious, I hope it ruins his weekend like he ruined so many for me. I hope with me finally saying what I wanted to say, how I really feel, that I can move on, and really ignore him from now on.

4 Responses to “boo hoo, cry me a river”

  1. August 7, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    GO GIRL!!!! Usually these chances to just throw it all out there don’t come along…and he INVITED it…i LOVE it!! This HAD to feel good…yayyyy you!!!!!

    • August 7, 2010 at 8:06 pm

      It did feel good, at first, then it brought up memories, all the what if’s? I mean, I know better, really I do, and I still am laughing that he thought he could pull the same old crap with me and get away with it, especially after all this time. I keep waiting for a reply, one where he calls me a crazy bitch, lol, after all, it would be the most predictable answer, and he is nothing if not predictable. But, I suspect if he doesn’t reply back with name calling, in a few weeks, when he gets back from Croatia, he’ll pull something similar to this email, trying to be sweet, only to get the door slammed in his face again. Stay tuned!

  2. August 7, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    BAHAHAHAHA, LOVE IT!! I think he deserved a few more insults thrown at him at 90 miles an hour so he got the point (with how dense he is), but you know how I love me adjectives. 🙂 Well written!!

    • August 7, 2010 at 11:27 pm

      I knew you would love it, it will only get worse if he tries to contact me again. I promise to throw in some of your insults, see if he remembers when you told him off. 😀 I doubt it, he’s kinda dense. I also think in about 2 weeks, he’ll act like I didn’t say all this and try again, seems to be the pattern. *eye roll* Oh well, at least now I have someone to tell off when I have a bad day. 😉

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