Dead Lappy :(

This is what I've done, and it still won't be fixed

See my lappy? See how dead it is? The DC jack in the back, well it won’t make a connection to the cord, had to take the whole thing apart to get to that little peice, only to find out to replace it, requires soldering to the motherboard… something I’m NOT prepared to do. Well, I was, but now I’m getting chicken. I suppose I could go home and grab the soldering iron… The new part is only $17.00 but will take a week to get here, and overnight shipping is $52.00! The computer repair guy says he’ll charge me $150 to do it. Seriously dude, it will take you like 10 minutes….

Update! My brother just came into my work, if I get the part, he can solder it for me! SWEET! Thank you computer genius… so I have to wait like a week to get the part to have my lappy agian. Man…. On the other hand…. I kinda just want a new computer. Maybe I’ll run to best buy and Target real quick and see what specials they are running, tax free weekend starts tomorrow. I bet I can ask for that discount today and get it to avoid the crowds. If not, first thing tomorrow…. Time to price this out. My lappy is 4 years old, and getting slow, I just need to get my stuff off the hard drive if I get a new one.

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