from dead lappy to happy pappy!

My new puter is being custom built!

So I looked all day at work, since it was slow, for a new computer. I could have got another crappy toshiba laptop, almost the same as the one that just died, but would it last longer than 3.5 years before the power thing had the same problem? It seems to be ALL toshiba laptops. I’m really not impressed with anything toshiba anymore, they use to be considered great laptops, now, not so much. I worry about my TV at the same time that I bought last year.

So, I got a smell (aka. Dell) computer. It’s really high tec, that’s a pic of it, but I got black, not blue. Wireless, wireless keyboard and mouse, and my big tv downstairs is the monitor. It has a dvr, so I can record stuff, it’s also a high def dvd player. Which is cool cause mine died like 3 months ago… ironically, it was also a toshiba dvd player and had power issues…. I think I’m seeing a pattern here. So. No more toshiba electronics in my house! Um, it does a bunch of other cool stuff too, but, I can’t tell you about them because well, it’s not in my possession yet. I had to order it.

So, with that being said, I probably won’t blog much for a while, I have no home computer and am typing this with curious eyes watching me at work. Unless somehow, by a miracle I can make my lappy come back to life for a few more weeks, I’m just going to do with out at night. I will however, as some of you know I have my mothers ocd tendencies when it comes to determination and something I care about, tonight be working on the power issue to see if I can make lappy work again at least for a few weeks. Cross your fingers for me that it works, and that I don’t get electricuted, cause, that is just my luck.

Oh, remember about my even steven luck? For example getting a check for unclaimed property from the state for $568? with in a few days… my computer breaks… TOLD YA! EVEN STEVEN, every effin time. It can’t just go good and stay good for me, it has to even it’s self out. I find money, something will break to take it away. My car started to sputter too 2 days ago… but since the computer died, it decided to stop so I don’t have to fix it. But you see, karma was going to even things out for me, one way or another. So now, my found money is gone. So annoying.

1 Response to “from dead lappy to happy pappy!”

  1. August 14, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    ooohhh…I love it….that’s a cool comp girl!!

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