What a long weekend

Nope, can’t come up with a catchy title today. It has felt like a weekend of epic proportions, like I’ve been on vacation for a week, yet it’s only been a few days, and today is my only day of vacation for the holiday, otherwise it was a normal weekend. I woke up to a cool 66 degrees and overcast, I LOVE cool overcast weather. Last night everyone complained it was cold outside and shivered and huddled together, it was only 62, it felt great to me! I guess I really am over the heat, or maybe it was my sunburn keeping me radiantly warm?

Not us, bu this is pretty much what we did on a bigger rougher lake

Yesterday I headed to my friend Vol’s house, which is on an island on the lake and always a blast. My other friend K was there with her brother and his girlfriend. We lounged on the floating dock, drank a lot of booze and beer and decided we needed some excitement. 3 docks down the neighbor who Vol knows has a diving board, so we decided that would be better than laying there bored and Vol, K, and I walk down to dive for a while. We dive, flip, do cartwheels off the end of the board, which is fun I might add, I haven’t acted like that in the water since I was 12, I should do it more often! K loses her bikini top around her waist several times, she gave up and stopped pulling it up and just dove topless, what.. no one was around really. Then we decide to swim back instead of walking, thinking it will be easier/faster. WRONG… I think every boat in the lake went by right then, the wake was crashing over our heads as we tried to swim, but we got back and climbed back on Vol’s dock. Drank more, ate, drank more, lay there, then decided to go back to the diving board again before we headed to a pool party further south off the lake. More drunken diving board antics, and one too many acrobatics from me had water in my ears, nose,  my shoulder and hip hurting like an old person, and I gave up and walked back to the house, they followed 5 minutes later.

This is kinda what the pool looked like, this might even be it, someone was taking pictures for a website, don't know where though

Now it’s time to pack up the car and go drop my dog off at my house which is closer to this other person’s apartment and will be easier for me to just get dropped off at my house later than to have to drive all the way home from Vol’s. So I drop her off, empty my bag a little and we head to the pool party. There are a ton of nothing but men there, old, fat, bald, and ugly. Maybe 3 men there were younger, by younger, I mean, younger than me, too young. There were 2 in my age group, one was really nice, but his voice was so annoying, I couldn’t consider it, too high and whiny, the other will come into the story later. Everyone but a few people get in the pool to play volleyball, I sat out, that pool was ice cold! I put on my ipod and listened to music and decided that I really didn’t want to talk to any of these guys, they were all ogling me, and I don’t want them thinking I’m interested in the slightest. Which they noticed, and after the game, all made comments on me putting on my ipod, ugh.

this is cornhole for those who don't know

So now we are going to go to the tennis courts and play cornhole, which I’ve never played, and figured any game with me throwing things where someone stood at the other end of the court where I was throwing was bound to end in me beaming someone in the head. So I’ve never even tried to play, me throwing things = bad news bears! But several of the guys closer to my age were there, one or two old guys and one very young hottie. Whew… super hot, but like 20 years old tops. The other one that was a “maybe” in my age group, nicnamed “Ohio” so I’ll use it too, asked me to play cornhole with him… okay, I guess, everyone was begging me to just try it, I warned them about my aim, so when I threw, they stood far to the sides. I was actually pretty good considering I started drinking at noon and it was now 8 p.m. I had 2 on the board almost always and even got a few in the hole and only hit my partner in the leg once with the beanbag! Maybe I should only throw things when I’m drunk? Kay called me from Vegas to tell me of her horrible date, which I can’t wait to read about over at her blog http://eatdrinkdatelaughpray.wordpress.com/ , so we talked for a while and I walked out to the parking lot to tell her about the guys we were with, right when I was complaining about the “old dudes with beer bellies” Ohio walks up behind me on his phone, or about to call someone, glad I saw him because I was about to mention HIM! He’s pretty cute, a little short for me, roughly equally my height, but he’s fit and he’s been nice to me, not hitting on me, but being friendly enough. So I walk back up to get a burger, still on the phone when Ohio has returned and is talking to one of the other guys and bragging that I’m good at cornhole for a newbie, then asks me to play another game. So I got off the phone with Kay and went and played another game, at which I SUCKED! Or maybe it was just that we had better opponents this time? Oh well, I sat and talked to everyone for a while, then went to get my cigarettes which happened to be sitting next to Ohio, he was telling me how he’s moving out of state in a month for a job promotion, when his buddies prompted him to go up to someone’s apartment for shots, I guess right then everyone else decided to leave. So we packed up and left… end of story.

It was a fun day and night, lots of activities, lots of new people to watch, but no prospects for dating, none at all. I liked hanging out with Ohio though, but didn’t really have any spark, but he did make me feel good, he was pretty normal and easy to talk to and just hang around, too bad he’s moving, I’d like to be friends with him, more so than the rest of the guys. I think Vol hugged me and told me she was proud of my weight loss about 10 times, it was pretty funny, I really don’t think of myself as “thin” right now, but just average, not fat either. I’d like to drop another 20 lbs. and be considered “thin” though, we’ll see, fat Dr. appointment this week to weigh in and wean off the diet pills. I also got my hair done today, it’s quite a bit darker, I’m no longer considered “blonde” by any means. Looks like Ashley Greenes hair here. I absolutely love it! No more dark roots, it will blend so much better and with fall quickly approaching, I think it looks better. If only I hadn’t gotten too much sun yesterday, now I’m way too tan… well, more like lobster red today, but in 2 days I’ll be tan.

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