There baaaack…

Why must my single life feel like a scene from a suspenseful movie? It’s like you went to the movie knowing it’s going to be like this, you hear the music of impending doom, yet you still become startled at the moment of the kill.

They always come back, every stupid guy I date that screws up and pulls whatever crap he pulls, comes back. Like my sister, I suppose I’m cursed as well. First I’ll update on her ex-situation. The one that called her a few weeks ago that is. She called back, to find the number disconnected. A few days later he called again, this time she was at home with her fiance and he got her to call again. So he apologizes like he’s in a twelve step program for what he did to her, her fiance is on speaker phone the whole time, and realizes why the dude is calling isn’t an apology, he wants her back. Long story short, he said “holy crap, they really do all come back!” As if he didn’t believe us. I guess at this point in the story, you want to know which one of my slimy ex’s came back?

I saw it coming, when I signed back up for okcupid for the whole friends thing, he was circling my profile like a shark every few days, I guess hoping I’d see it and jump in the water for him to bite. Boy is he wrong! Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me. Apparently Brown also doesn’t know the saying, once bitten twice shy, either. So a few nights ago, he wrote me on there, I only checked it this morning because I was up before dawn with a dog that had to pee so bad she couldn’t wait, so I was awake, and bored. I should have stuck with watching True Blood, at least those vampires only suck your blood.

You really are a very very nice and sweet women, your very pretty and your alot of fun to be around I just thought you should know that…

This is the drunken message I got, I forgot to look to see what time it was when it was sent on the 26th, but I’m betting it was the wee hours of the morning after a very bad date. I find it funny that he felt the need to tell me things I already know about myself instead of apologize. More games I suppose, not that I didn’t expect it. See unlike my sister, my guys rarely apologize, and they don’t take four years to come back, usually it’s around four to nine weeks. Out of the three men I dated more than casually this year, all three have come back now. Darn, what do I have to look forward to for the rest of the year?

Okay, back to Brown and this stupid message. I haven’t replied, not sure that I will, or what I’d say, I need time to think about it. Since I now have the upper hand again, I intend to keep it, and replying so soon after reading it and feeling my heart accelerate with anger, I could easily blurt out something without thinking and lose hand again, and I’d really like to make him suffer. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold. I’ll think about it today, and as always take all comments into consideration. I know some of the best evil minds reside on this blog, so any advice is greatly appreciated, even if you don’t want to be evil in helping me plot revenge, feel free to speak up. I wonder though, do I care enough to get revenge? Maybe I’ll just get bored enough this week and do it for the sake of something interesting to do. I also noticed in this message the “alot” monster was set loose, which made me giggle and revisit her blog. Have a great day everyone!


4 Responses to “There baaaack…”

  1. 1 firecracker3
    September 28, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    If you are simply out for revenge and really do not care to make anything work or be friends with him then honestly the best revenge is to let him sit there, with no response from you. If he is like my boomerangs he will keep at it and keep at it and keep at it to the point that it becomes predictably fun and good blog material.
    As sexist as it sounds, woman are far superior to men when it comes to psychological warfare so much so that if you are any good at it they really aren’t even fun to bat around like a cat with a mouse at times because they are so inept at playing.

    • September 29, 2010 at 10:12 am

      I have to agree with firecracker3. If you don’t respond, it *will* make him crazy. And that is revenge enough.

      Or…what I do with my ex, is to just be super nice back. Like, “Funny to hear from you. Thanks for the compliments. Wish you the best in life!” And that’s it. (Even if you don’t mean it.) That way it’s like you’re *so* over him, you don’t want to have a connection with him in your life anymore, so you wish him well in his. Goodbye. Does that make sense?

  2. September 29, 2010 at 11:39 am

    I think that is pretty much where I stand right now, no contact, no reply. I mean, I want NOTHING to do with this person, not even as a friend, he doesn’t deserve my friendship treating me as he did and has not ever apologized for it. Nope, nothing to say to him. I think anything I say to him will mean to him that I give a crap about him in some way, or that I’m opening dialogue with him again, and I’m not. He’s totally hung up on himself, thinks he’s smarter than everyone, including me, and well, he’s NOT.

  3. September 30, 2010 at 8:44 am

    Hey Vendetta – I agree with your comment.

    Do nothing.

    I swear the best way to get to anyone (well the crazies any way) is to not reply. At all. Because, as you said, he’ll take anything you mean as “sickly sweet” to be true – because he’s a self-centered bastard (I’m assuming, based on your evidence presented here.

    In addition. If you try to use words for revenge (e.g. get him to own up to something or feel something or make him feel as he made you feel) – he won’t hear you. He can’t. They never can. They will somehow some way twist what you say around so you’ll get all crazy-like again. I wish it worked – it doesn’t.

    I don’t know what it feels like to view the world that way. To be utterly incapable of taking anything on yourself, trying on another person’s shoes, or truly viewing your own actions. Of taking all words said to you, and make them something you want to hear – never something you should.

    The crazies always come back. Don’t know why. Fuck ‘im.

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