I’m ready to sling a little mud

Dear Jerkfaces Mr. President and his constituents,

I currently live at the poverty line, I have lived on this line since graduating with a bachelors degree in 1997, and being unable to find a job that pays a single woman enough without selling my soul to the devil. But I’m a honest person, see, I pay my taxes, don’t play the system, I pay my bills, and I do everything myself, I earn it, the American way! I have busted my butt working full time, going to school full time to get yet another degree for the last 4 years and after months of searching for that first break into what is supposed to be the most lucrative career I finally got a break. I calculated my salary, figured out the rough percentage of taxes I pay now and applied that to my new pay check amount and did a happy dance. I thought “FINALLY I can drive a car that doesn’t have paint peeling off it, that doesn’t screech after every red light, that doesn’t rattle, that has all 4 windows able to roll down! I won’t have to choose what bills to pay in order to feed myself! I can afford to get medication for my aging pet cat who’s beginning to suffer of pain! Finally MY time has come! $17,000 more a year! I can breathe again.”

But then I found out something horrible Mr. President, the man I voted for, those tax increases you gave to the “wealthy”, aren’t just for the wealthy, they are all over the middle class I had hoped to become. That increase puts me in a nice new tax bracket where you will now take more than THREE time as much in taxes as I currently pay when my pay isn’t even close to double. Do you see where this leaves me? It leaves me working my fingers to the bone, at a job that should give me some pride, a sense of helping others, but yet will still leave me flat broke! I did all this for almost NOTHING! So what, now I can have a car payment, buy healthy food instead of the junk that is cheaper, afford some pain medicine for my cat, but I can’t buy a new home out of the bad neighborhood, I can’t move closer to my new job, I can’t fully breathe. I wonder, will I ever? I mean, after my first 2 years of training, where I’ll become a specialist in my medical field I’ll get a nice raise in pay again, but will you just increase my taxes again making that raise insignificant as well?

See, here’s the thing. I finally understand why people play the system, you can’t get ahead in this country unless you get extremely wealthy to the point no amount of taxes can hurt, or you play the system. I see now why the mother of 5 on welfare and food stamps can afford an iphone and a coach purse and I still carry a messaging phone and a purse from Aldo. I get it now, all this busting my ass to live an honest life is going to her! She works a minimum wage job at most, and gets free handouts for everything she needs to live, so her work money turns into fun money! My extra $700 a month I’ll pay in taxes is going to pay her rent, food, and medical bills.  I think I’ll give up my honorable career in nursing and go be a bar maid! Why am I being punished for being smart and honest? I don’t have kids because I can’t afford them! I’ll never be able to afford them! Not unless I decide to be a worthless drain on the system! So single women working hard, doing the right thing, are punished yet again in this country. I’m not using more government services because I am making more money, I will still use the exact same amount, and yet I have to pay more in? Where is my reward for busting my hump for years? Where is my tax break? I want my free housing, car, food, medical! And with your little healhcare plan, don’t get me started. If I’m too poor to afford insurance, how do you think it helps me to fine me? Where am I going to come up with that money? What kind of sick twisted bastard undead human are you Mr. President?

I challenge you to come live my life for a week, live on my salary, drive my shitty car that makes heads turn when the light turns green waiting for it to backfire, put yourself in my shoes and see how you like it! See if you still want to raise taxes to help the asshole nice immigrant who’s still working on his fake ID visa,  who stole 2 car stereos from our parking lot last week with more free stuff and tax breaks, not that he pays taxes. No, I get it, I understand poverty and why people choose to stay in it now. Spend a week in my shoes and you will too.

Oh, let me make another point while I’m in berating our president that I voted for. When the choice is the lesser of two evils, I made my choice. I won’t have some right wing, nut job, tea party, wolf shooting, psychopath telling me what I can do with my body as a woman, ever. I won’t have someone force religion on me in any setting, Religion is personal and the other party sought to make it public, forced, and then do horrible things in it’s name. I also can’t stand by someone who thinks it’s okay to shoot animals from an airplane in her state. It is NEVER okay. If there is a problem, it can be take care of in a humane way. It’s a matter of right and wrong. Not left and right. Its about what this country was founded upon, what our forefathers stood for, and none of this, not the democrats or the republicans are holding up that standard at the moment. You all disgust me, disappoint me, and leave me wishing there was some sense of pride left in saying I’m an American.

Sincerely, my libertarian loving ass,


p.s. I think my name has taken on new meaning tonight.


8 Responses to “I’m ready to sling a little mud”

  1. November 10, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    It is completely ridiculous how the middle class gets f*cked. Living in NYC (with high state and city taxes on top of high federal taxes), I wind up paying more than $2600 in taxes every month. I make a *good* living, but sadly not so much for NYC where I get taxed like crazy and I don’t make enough for me not to feel it.

    • November 10, 2010 at 9:40 pm

      See, this is what I’m talking about! We don’t use much as far as government services as single women with no children. Where is our reward for that? We get NONE! We actually get punished for doing the right thing! It’s beyond messed up! People who don’t work hard, who have more kids than they can afford, who milk the system get all the reward! I want my share! But really, honestly, they aren’t the worst. The biggest abusers are the rich corporations. The banks, that got all those bail out’s so their CEO’s can take home million dollar bonuses every year. The politicians who do favors for the oil companies because they have stock in them and it increases their profits. The guy that hires and brings over 1500 Indian workers for tech support while laying off 2000 americans because they are cheaper. He got a HUGE bonus for that job! I know, I met him. And nothing against an immigrant trying to make a better life for his family back home, it’s not his fault, it’s the corporation that hired the guy that hired the immigrants instead of American’s who desperately needed the jobs.

  2. 3 don'tknowwhoyouare
    November 11, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Vendetta for President – I’d vote for you.

    • November 11, 2010 at 6:38 pm

      uh, no… not just no, but heeeeeeeeeeeelllllll naw! I don’t want to be the next fuckup in charge that everyone is mad at! I just want to wake up the people as to what this government is really doing to them.

  3. 5 don'tknowwhoyouare
    November 11, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Well then you just do that then but good luck. What amazes me is that most people want what you speak of but the phat cat left or the phat cat right always seem to win anyway and we’re all still wanting. The hard working person still has no voice.

    • November 11, 2010 at 9:34 pm

      and we never will have a voice until enough of us have time to stop working so hard and do something. Every country in the world almost has the same situation as us. The poor get hand outs from the middle class and the rich get tax loopholes to stay rich. It’s called capitalism, and it isn’t fair. I’m not suggesting socialism, I don’t think the rich should give to the poor. I’m currently living at the poverty line, but because I don’t have kid or a huge amount of debt, I live okay off little money. BUT I don’t want handouts from anyone, just because I have less, I don’t deserve free stuff from those who have more.

      If I make $1000 more a year, I lose $2000 of my net pay because of a tax bracket. I actually make more money if I don’t get a tiny raise in salary! How messed up is that? Now there’s a way to keep people oppressed right? Realistically, people don’t get a $17,000 raise in one year to make the jump in taxes worth the extra pay. Most people get a little $1000-2000 extra a year in a raise, which then ultimately screws them into making less money when they enter that new bracket.

      Do you see why minimum wage keeps going up? It looks good to those that don’t understand that they aren’t really taking home more money! It’s the oldest government con there is! “Give the stupid poor people more money and then tax them more to keep them poor”.

      ….and now I’m counting the days until my blog disappears.

      • November 11, 2010 at 9:37 pm

        or… here comes the IRS audit! lol…. I say bring it on bastards, I don’t use loopholes or crazy deductions to get money back. I could still file a 1040EZ if I didn’t own a house!

  4. November 16, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    I think if someone can legally get away without paying taxes they should do so. Every dollar the government doesn’t get makes it weaker.

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