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A Festivus Countdown (an airing of grievances)

With Festivus fast approaching,

and all of my family and friends going away and my new crazy work schedule, I feel the need to air some grievances now. Lets call it the 16 days of Festivus. If Christmas gets 12 days, Festivus needs at least 16 because I have a lot of problems with you people to tell you about!

And while attempting to make this post the one, a big reason I’ve not posted much lately has come up. I’ll start with Please oh wordpress moderators, powerful ones, understand the airing of grievances happens once a year, once it’s said, and we bicker about it, it is never to be spoken of again. Thus, here is my problem with you and how you have disappointed me so.

What the HELL is wrong with the picture uploads?

Really, it freezes, I have to close the whole post, losing anything that didn’t auto save. It doesn’t upload the photo. I have to try over and over again. And it’s not just me, don’t blame my computer. It’s not a pc issue. I have it from both a HP media center running XP at work that runs Adobe CS programming with no issues (don’t blame RAM or my processor) and a brand new HD running Windows 7 at home, it’s so fast it streams movies in HD to my 42 in. 1080p TV, don’t blame the new computer either. It happens on two unrelated systems. It’s happened for over 2 months now. Why haven’t you fixed it? It use to be fine. Secondly, what is with the stupid space it started putting around the photo in the post around the same time? Is this really necessary? If you don’t fix this you may be the one called to challenge me in the feats of strength. Just sayin… Or, I guess I can just move my blog to blogger like half the rest of this site.

Tomorrow, I take on Palin, bitch is goin down!


This is Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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