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Changes, or lack of

This would actually be fun... trying it in 10 minutes

I really have nothing significant to write about right now. Life is pretty calm, boring, and monotonous. I’m always looking to do something exciting and new, but nothing really good is right on the horizon. Other than people not recognizing me with brownish hair right now and messing with them, life is dull. I was so bored last night I played on for an hour putting my face next to Rob Pattinson various hot celebrities. I’m going Zip Lining in 2 weeks I think. I bought my ticket already, but it’s good for a year, so we have to schedule it still. That might be mildly exciting. If it’s nice this weekend I’m going to snag the boat from my parents house and find a high rope swing to play with somewhere. Maybe smashing into a tree or something will at least be exciting for a few minutes.

I’ve also had insomnia, a totally new experience for me, I’ve truly never had it in my life. I can always sleep, when I say always, I mean, I can sleep through a hurricane, tornado, train wreck outside my house type sleeper. I haven’t been able to sleep in 2 nights. Last nights last ditch effort was to lock the dog in her crate, turn off the little tornado fan in my room, turn off the tv, and all noise making things at about 1 a.m. after trying to sleep since 10:30. It worked, I have no idea when, or how, but I remember laying there thinking “this isn’t working, just go get the poor dog”, then I was awake at 5. I even fell back asleep like my normal self. Still, only 4 hours of sleep last night and 2 the previous night, I’m due to crash any second now… but I don’t think I’m going to again tonight. I’m just not tired, like at all, I feel like I could stay up for DAYS, maybe I just don’t NEED sleep anymore? I wish, that would be so awesome, I would get so much more done if I knew I didn’t NEED sleep instead of laying there for 4 hours trying.

The prison as I drove away

I had a job interview today, at a prison 45 minutes north west of where I live. I’ve never really been to a prison, I only saw a jail for the first time this year when a friends exhusband was arrested for DD after totaling his beautiful BMW into a large tree. I did live across the street from an execution unit in college, but all I ever saw was a huge red brick wall and lots of reporters trying to trespass on my balcony to take pictures of the red brick wall. But I’ve never been inside one, so that was interesting. Having to check in, go through a metal detector and take off all my jewelry and shoes, they take your drivers license and give you a generic visitors badge too. The interview was strange too, all nursing questions, nothing about me as a person, job history, or goals (you know, typical interview questions). It was like taking the boards over, but a million times easier. Then they took me on a tour, where the inmates were, totally eye opening interesting for sure. Not what you see in movies. The hospital part looked pretty much like any hospital, with the exception of 8 beds in one small room full of men with varying degrees of illness and injury. The nurses were all extremely nice to me, well everyone was, except the interviewers who were poker faced the whole time. Sure they were friendly enough, but they didn’t want to give much away about how I was doing answering the questions. They said I would know if I was hired or not in 2-3 weeks. Ugh… more waiting. I guess in the mean time, I’ll start applying to new job postings AGAIN. I’m so sick of this. Looking for a job is like online dating to me, I just don’t want to put the effort into it anymore.

Uh... what? I look way better with him than Kristen Stewart!


Bored outta my mind

Apparently being batshit crazy isn’t enough for me, now add bordem to it. I had a friend over yesterday evening for dinner, hadn’t seen her since May, she’s on the same diet as me and is down to the size I was when I started, so I gave her like 10 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of dressy pants, and a bunch of shirts that are all way too big for me. Since I never intend to let myself get that size again, I think it’s best to get rid of these clothes. It was probably close to a thousand dollars in clothing, and she REALLY has no money to buy clothes from anywhere but walmart. So anyway, I cleaned my house thoroughly yesterday since I was having company.

Now, I have nothing to do today. It’s hot outside already at 9:30 a.m., and extremely humid, so I can see anything outdoors is going to be miserable. They say it’s not even going to reach 90, but somehow, at 61% humidity, it already feels miserable. I guess I can watch movies, or read a book, or go to the mall. I hate that there isn’t really anything decent for indoor activities to do here. Maybe a movie by myself would be nice today? I guess if there were anything playing I wanted to see, that would be an idea at least. Our theater is so small, I’d have to drive quite a distance to see anything decent.

What’s worse, I don’t have anything interesting to blog about! You all have to read about how I’m BORED! The HORROR! I should just believe in god or something so I can go to church on Sunday’s and then I could blog on the ministers sermon, or at least the cute single men there… ya right! I did have a weird dream last night. My friend from back home had emailed me, telling me she missed me and if I’d just apologize we could be friends again. I kept thinking “apologize for what? you ditched me the second I moved here after a 10 year friendship! you should apologize”. I’m not sure what brought her to my mind, I rarely think about her anymore, we haven’t spoken in 6 years. So um, ya. That’s all I have to say about that.

I wish I didn’t go to bed so early last night, at least then I’d still be sleeping, my day would seem shorter. Now, I guess I’ll go shower and try to come up with something interesting to do with my day so I don’t sit here in front of this computer all day like a zombie, as I am prone to do.

This is Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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