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Life isn’t fair

I’m sad for my friend again today. He lost the love of his life to cancer just a few months ago after long battle. Now his dog has cancer and he has only a few weeks left with her. I worry how he’s going to handle this, if he can handle this. The dog was what he held onto when his wife passed away, the dog was so loved by his wife. He’s been drinking a lot since she passed, not eating well, and in the last few weeks he’s finally starting to pull out of it. So finding out this weekend that his dog has cancer doesn’t help him get past his wife’s passing. I wish I knew what if anything I could say to him and comfort him. He’s a really special guy in the way he expresses himself and has so much love for the people he’s close to. I wish I at least lived closer, I’d go share a beer with him, or 10.


The last speech you will ever give

If you had to give the last speech you would ever give, what would you say? What is important to you? I wish I could say that my life growing up was as beautiful as his, I wish I had reached all the goals that he did. I am working towards them now though. I went back to school for a 3rd degree, to be a Nurse, to help people, and that is who I am. My next goal is to have a family and nurture them and give them the life I never had growing up. I’m not sure where or when I’ll find Mr. Right, but I won’t quit looking. I’m going to continue to try to improve my life and meet my goals from here on out. I want to be a Tigger, not an Eor.

This is Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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