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On the 13th day of Festivus

I quit my job. I find amusement that it’s on the thirteenth day too. It felt weird to leave my job after seven long years. One of my customers gave me a gift card for twenty dollars to target, that was really nice of her, considering she’s not the easiest person to deal with and several other designers have fired her! So enough with my boring last day of work. I know you are all ready to hear tonight’s airing of grievances.

I had a great one last night, I should have typed it up, but I forgot it now. Total blank. Worse still is I’m happy for the most part, not angry at the world or any person in particular to air grievances toward. So I guess I can take tonight to tell myself off for having nothing to say. I disappoint me! I should wrestle myself! Really… I got nothing. How can I be all pissy when I just quit a job I’ve hated for seven years and am starting my dream job Monday? Too much relief tonight to complain. But be ready, tomorrow I have to go to the mall… dun dun dun… I’m sure there will be some sort of parking or crowd control grievance. More than likely it will be about sticky little children run amuck while their parents try to hide purchases for them for the holiday when they should have left them at home in the first place! I wish there were an adult only mall.. not that kind! get your mind out of the gutter! I mean, all the same stores, but you have to be 21 to enter and they serve beer and wine while you shop. that would be the best thing EVER!


On the 14th Day of Festivus…

My true love gave to me, a pounding headache and a mouth dry as a cactus! Okay… my true love is Michelob Ultra, and I had a few too many last night. My lack of energy and grueling hangover probably didn’t help with my lack of patience today. I was going to save the best airing of grievance for last, since there is soooooo much to say on the subject, but today was such a classic day at work, with my family, I even came up with joke. Ready for it?

How many of my parents does it take to unscrew and disconnect a wire of an electric hole punching machine? I’m sure you can guess…. Two. One to call the company that made it and ask how to fix it and yell at the other one while he unscrews the machine and pulls the wire. Two people take over an hour on this one task that should have taken one person ten minutes.

In the mean time, I had to lift a huge heavy object, pack it and ship it off, without either of them offering to help. I suppose had it required a screwdriver, my douche bag stepdad would have run to turn the screwdriver for me, seeing as I’m inept at doing such a difficult task being female and all, but lifting heavy objects larger than me, I don’t need help. I can do that and print a large presentation and finish a huge project I’ve been designing for two weeks. All because it takes TWO people to unscrew a machine and unhook a wire.

That is just the tip of the iceberg though. The last week of my job has been the ultimate test of wills. I could survive in a tent in Alaska for a month with Sarah Palin easier than this last week as been with my parents at my job. Taking bets on if I snap tomorrow? Shall I start a poll? I would, but my lack of blogging lately has so few people reading, I’m sure it would only get two votes.

Should I be grateful they hired me, payed me under the poverty line for 7 years so I could go back to school and once again get away from them? Should I be grateful for the monetary things I’ve been given. If I felt those things were what are important in life I would be. The fact that it’s thrown in my face they could hire someone for much less than I’m paid every day makes me resentful, not grateful. I live below the poverty line! Luckily I am thrifty, I live alone, and have no children. Although I think children would cost less than the five four legged furry ones I’ve chosen to adopt. I drive an eight year old car with the paint peeling off, windows that can’t roll down all the way, a broken passenger door handle, a cd player that plays when it wants, and increasing repairs. I can’t afford a new car. But I won’t bore you with the gajillion ways my family sucks or reasons I have to be resentful, or why I should be in therapy for the next ten years of my life to shake off the black veil they have thrown on my life.

But I should be grateful. I try to be grateful for what I have, but it isn’t the material things that matter to me, so no, I’m not grateful for being tricked and trapped into the situation I have been in for seven years. I’m grateful that tomorrow is my last day of it and I’m finally free.


On the 15th day of Festivus

This is something I have to get off my chest. This is something I find to be the most abhorant human behavior I’ve ever seen. I’m going to show some graphic video’s. Things I can’t watch without crying all night and I want one person to justify how it’s the right thing to do. I don’t see how anyone can. But if you can, force yourself to watch, it needs to be seen, more people need to speak up.

Understand, the reason they are “managing” the wolves this way is because they are eating the elk that tourist come to hunt. Also understand these are canned hunts. Which means these animals are fenced in a controlled area. Most are use to humans and don’t even know to run before they are murdered. Yes, when you hunt for sport, when you can’t even go track an animal in the wild and use it for food and leather, it is murder. The wolves aren’t hurting humans, they don’t attack unless provoked and stay away from humans as much as possible. I’ve heard a hunter in Montana complain that he left his kill and came back TWO days later to get it and the wolves had eaten it, so the wolves must die. First of all, what hunter is stupid enough to leave a kill for that long? Your meat is being poisoned by decay! It’s important to dress your kill as soon as possible, ideally in the field. But yes, this jackass thinks wolves should die so he can leave his dead meat lying around for days before his lazy ass goes to get it.

THIS is the epitome of what is wrong with this country. If you can make easy money off something, use it, abuse it, throw it away and be proud! I find this video to be the most disgusting, I can’t honestly watch it all because it’s so horrible to me. And the woman who wants to be our President, to represent us all finds this to be okay? How in anyone’s mind is animal suffering for our gain okay? This isn’t about politics, this is about common sense, right and wrong, and saving our own species by saving the rest.

Let me stress something first before all the hunters go off on me. I am not anti-hunting…. for FOOD! I believe it should be done on foot in a sporting manner that gives the animal some chance of escape, the way they hunt, and the kill should be quick and painless. If you can’t hunt in that way, you have no reason to be hunting. Animals are NOT going to overun us, don’t give me that craptastic excuse. We are a population of THREE BILLION and climbing! Trust me, they are no threat to our population. I find hunting for food to be far less cruel than farming animals. Don’t make me post video’s of those conditions and how they are killed. It’s not okay, none of this is okay. We have lost our sense of right and wrong and we have no respect for anything but the all mighty dollar.

THIS alone is enough to make me hate Sarah Palin! But luckily for me, she does so many other idiotic things that everyone else is beginning to see other reasons, even if they don’t care about the wolves. I wish she would just shut up and go away. She is STILL complaining about the interview with Katie Couric. How Katie is just so left that she was out to get her… Katie is an amazing interviewer, she asks hard questions and gets truth, it’s not her fault when people look like idiots on camera! She was very nice in the interview, I saw no personal agenda to it, I just saw a little Mrs. Palin stuck answering questions she didn’t want to answer and looking as stupid as ever. Katie Couric would make a better president than Palin. Palin needs to stay right were she is in Hollywood, where hot messes belong. Stay with Brittany, Lindsay, Paris, and the Kardashians but stay out of my government!

I wish she were at my Festivus dinner, she would be my top pick for the feats of strength. Better yet, lets make it legal to hunt stupid people from planes! I call dibs on chasing her down for hours until she wears out then killing her. Will someone pay me $150 for her leg? Cause that’s all I’d bring back, I’d leave the rest to the wolves.


A Festivus Countdown (an airing of grievances)

With Festivus fast approaching,

and all of my family and friends going away and my new crazy work schedule, I feel the need to air some grievances now. Lets call it the 16 days of Festivus. If Christmas gets 12 days, Festivus needs at least 16 because I have a lot of problems with you people to tell you about!

And while attempting to make this post the one, a big reason I’ve not posted much lately has come up. I’ll start with Please oh wordpress moderators, powerful ones, understand the airing of grievances happens once a year, once it’s said, and we bicker about it, it is never to be spoken of again. Thus, here is my problem with you and how you have disappointed me so.

What the HELL is wrong with the picture uploads?

Really, it freezes, I have to close the whole post, losing anything that didn’t auto save. It doesn’t upload the photo. I have to try over and over again. And it’s not just me, don’t blame my computer. It’s not a pc issue. I have it from both a HP media center running XP at work that runs Adobe CS programming with no issues (don’t blame RAM or my processor) and a brand new HD running Windows 7 at home, it’s so fast it streams movies in HD to my 42 in. 1080p TV, don’t blame the new computer either. It happens on two unrelated systems. It’s happened for over 2 months now. Why haven’t you fixed it? It use to be fine. Secondly, what is with the stupid space it started putting around the photo in the post around the same time? Is this really necessary? If you don’t fix this you may be the one called to challenge me in the feats of strength. Just sayin… Or, I guess I can just move my blog to blogger like half the rest of this site.

Tomorrow, I take on Palin, bitch is goin down!

This is Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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