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I have a strange sense of humor

I realize that since I find this absolutely hilarious.


The Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard a Child Say

My mom likes to tell a story about me when I was little, and of all the things I remember from my childhood, I remember this, which in a way, as a child, made it all the more embarrassing to me, but at least now I can laugh about it.

We had just moved to a new city, lived there about a year, when my mom got remarried, her new husband lived out in the suburbs in a huge beautiful home, so we moved out there naturally. I think I was about 7 when this happened. Every day we would drive down this rural road lined with trees and cow pastures. There were regular cows, which I was familiar with, and then there were Brahma bulls. So I ask my mom as we pass them “mom, what are those animals with the humps on their backs?” she replies “camels”. I thought, huh, sure are funny lookin camels, but ok, my mom is the smartest woman on the planet. I’m sure you realize at this point she didn’t realize I was referring to the brahma’s.

The next day we are driving by as we did every day and out of my mouth comes “There’s them camels again mom, they sure are funny looking”. My mother thinking ‘camels out here?’ looks to see the bulls and starts laughing. She explains she didn’t know when I asked that I meant those animals with humps. Those are cattle.

Every time we drove by there, especially when I had friends in the car, she would point and say “look at them camels”. Now I do it when I’m with her, not that I’ve seen a brahma in years, but any bull will do for a laugh.

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