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On the 14th Day of Festivus…

My true love gave to me, a pounding headache and a mouth dry as a cactus! Okay… my true love is Michelob Ultra, and I had a few too many last night. My lack of energy and grueling hangover probably didn’t help with my lack of patience today. I was going to save the best airing of grievance for last, since there is soooooo much to say on the subject, but today was such a classic day at work, with my family, I even came up with joke. Ready for it?

How many of my parents does it take to unscrew and disconnect a wire of an electric hole punching machine? I’m sure you can guess…. Two. One to call the company that made it and ask how to fix it and yell at the other one while he unscrews the machine and pulls the wire. Two people take over an hour on this one task that should have taken one person ten minutes.

In the mean time, I had to lift a huge heavy object, pack it and ship it off, without either of them offering to help. I suppose had it required a screwdriver, my douche bag stepdad would have run to turn the screwdriver for me, seeing as I’m inept at doing such a difficult task being female and all, but lifting heavy objects larger than me, I don’t need help. I can do that and print a large presentation and finish a huge project I’ve been designing for two weeks. All because it takes TWO people to unscrew a machine and unhook a wire.

That is just the tip of the iceberg though. The last week of my job has been the ultimate test of wills. I could survive in a tent in Alaska for a month with Sarah Palin easier than this last week as been with my parents at my job. Taking bets on if I snap tomorrow? Shall I start a poll? I would, but my lack of blogging lately has so few people reading, I’m sure it would only get two votes.

Should I be grateful they hired me, payed me under the poverty line for 7 years so I could go back to school and once again get away from them? Should I be grateful for the monetary things I’ve been given. If I felt those things were what are important in life I would be. The fact that it’s thrown in my face they could hire someone for much less than I’m paid every day makes me resentful, not grateful. I live below the poverty line! Luckily I am thrifty, I live alone, and have no children. Although I think children would cost less than the five four legged furry ones I’ve chosen to adopt. I drive an eight year old car with the paint peeling off, windows that can’t roll down all the way, a broken passenger door handle, a cd player that plays when it wants, and increasing repairs. I can’t afford a new car. But I won’t bore you with the gajillion ways my family sucks or reasons I have to be resentful, or why I should be in therapy for the next ten years of my life to shake off the black veil they have thrown on my life.

But I should be grateful. I try to be grateful for what I have, but it isn’t the material things that matter to me, so no, I’m not grateful for being tricked and trapped into the situation I have been in for seven years. I’m grateful that tomorrow is my last day of it and I’m finally free.


Figured out the insomnia!

Acoustic Neuroma, I did NOT want this!

It’s not a tuma…

It was a very exciting moment when I used my nursing skills to pull all my symptoms together and figure out a very very simple diagnosis after ruling out the more serious idea of a brain tumor. Ok, let me explain why that is the first thing I wanted to rule out, this is how Drs. do it, test for and rule out worst case scenario first! My symptoms for the last 3-4 weeks have been feeling of having water in my left ear, sometimes right too, diziness/rocking feeling, nausea, restless leg syndrome, ringing/buzzing in my ears, waking up with severe headaches 4 or more days a week, leg cramps, blurred vision with the headaches and sweating during the dizzy spells.

see, no tuma, this was little over a year ago, just 2 fillings

Now, I should mention, I have migraines, have had them since I was 12, have had the CT scans, and have a prescription for self administered imitrex injections prn (as needed), which I rarely do, less than 2 times a year, other times I can take the pills earlier on. I also tend to get leg cramps at night and have restless legs and actual visible muscle twitching in my calves if I’m on my feet all day, blame genetics, my mom has the same problem with leg cramps. The thing that worried me was the new onset of vertigo and insomnia. I wasn’t sure if it was a new symptoms linked to the migraines since that can happen, and my migraines are always on the left side behind my eye and the ear that is bothering me worst is my left. It’s known to be associated, but for me, it’s new.

While looking for a clue as to what this could be besides an acoustic neuroma, I was looking at Migraine information, and an article by an RN mentioned treatment with magnesium. I remembered that from my time in the ER in school (I did 120 hours in the ER my senior year as a nurse). I’ve never been given that treatment, but I’ve seen it help patients of mine. My Dr. prefers actual migraine medications (he keeps it on hand for walk-ins, ie. me), however the hospitals don’t keep it on hand for some reason. So I see that you can treat migraines with magnesium, and think… huh. Symptoms of hypomagnesmia… tetany (aka. also muscle cramps), headaches, insomnia…. ding, a little light bulb went off! I just stopped taking prilosec aka omaprazole with magnesium! Now I’m taking omaprazole plain without magnesium. Dum dum dum… it was like the time I was having heart palpitations with bradycardia and my friend was about to force me to go to the Dr. when I realized it was just my potassium that got too low again, I have a tendency towards low electrolytes as it is. I also found out omaprazole has recently been found to lower magnesium, which I guess is why they started adding it to some formulations. Nice, I’ve only been on it for like a year now. I’m going to try a different ppi drug, see what happens with nexium. I’ve heard it’s a little safer. But… we all know how that goes. I really don’t like having to take more pills to fix the problem another pill caused. But… I can’t eat at all with the constant burning pain in my chest if I don’t take something daily for it. So… down the hatch, this will now make 4 pills at night. Wow, if this isn’t a sign I’m getting older, I don’t know what is. The only pill I use to take was so I didn’t get knocked up. Now look what I’ve become.

This is Meeeeeeeeeeeee!

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